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Can mix the flavor : Original, Cheese, Seaweed, Spicy Mexico

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Taiwan Prawn Crackers

Lobster with Big Eyes is passionate about building finest prawn cracker that make it safe and healthy for our consumers. Over 30 years of experience producing traditional prawn crackers, we found out the finest ingredient which is rich in real prawn meat, each piece is generously crowned with real, precious prawn. With each bite brings you the epitome of gastronomy!

品牌故事 猶記三十多年前,當大多數的民眾還在吃著添加大量色素及防腐劑的彩色蝦餅時, 『味百選食品』便下定決心要改良製作出頂級又美味的鮮蝦餅。 在不斷地嘗試改良及堅持循序古法的方式下終於製作出鮮蝦含量高達百分之四十以上的高品質鮮蝦餅, 雖然說價位上比以往的彩色蝦餅要高出許多,但堅信好的東西禁的起考驗,一步一步打造出與眾不同的獨特口感, 且在當時淡水中正老街首賣造成一股轟動並逐漸以『味百選食品』成功地在全省的各大百貨公司設立專櫃。


Lobster with Big Eyes Taiwan Premium Prawn Cracker

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